Nursery Autumn/winter MENU


10am - Snack: A piece of fresh fruit or home made biscuit

12pm - Lunch

Week 1        Week 2 Week 3       Week 4  Week 5
Mild chilli con carne with rice. Banana’s with warm custard.
Tuna pasta bake with peas. Jam sponge and warm custard.  
Macaroni cheese with ham with green beans. Fresh fruit salad with warm vanilla cream
Toad in hole 
with boiled potatoes and mixed vegetables. Mousses.
Spaghetti bolognaise. Fresh fruit salad with warm vanilla cream.  
Roasted vegetable and tomato pasta. Homemade Rice Pudding.
Chicken and vegetable 
casserole. Mincemeat strudel.
Cottage pie with carrots. Semolina. 
Curried root vegetables 
with lentils and
naan bread. Yoghurts.
Moroccan chicken with apricots and rice.

Sausages with buttery mash, peas and gravy. Fruit jellies.
Jacket potatoes with cheese and beans. Fresh fruit salad with warm vanilla cream.
Tuna supreme with sweetcorn. Chocolate rice crispy cakes.
Moussaka with peas. Sultana sponge.
Cheesy topped vegetable pasta. Chocolate chip cookies. 
Red lentil Ragu with spaghetti. Yoghurt.  
Bacon and mushroom risotto. Iced fairy cakes. 
Caribbean chicken and rice with black eye peas. Fruit jellies.
Cheesy fish with mash potato and mixed vegetables. 

Angel delight.
Roast gammon with crushed potatoes and mixed vegetables. Homemade rice pudding.
Fish pie with seasonal vegetables. Chocolate cornflake cakes. 
Turkey meatballs with gnocchi in a tomato sauce. Angel delight.  
Vegetable lasagne with garlic bread. Ginger sponge cake.   
Sweetn sour chicken 
with rice. Shortbread biscuits.
Fish fingers and chips 
​with beans. Yoghurts. 

3.15pm - Snack

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5
Sandwiches. (please see below) Warm milkshake.
Potato waffles
and beans.
Wedges and dip. Raisins. 
Sandwiches. (please see below) Warm milkshakes.
Soup and warm bread 
Soup and home baked rolls. 
Scrambled egg and toast.
Mini quiche and beans.
Chicken dippers with beans.
Toasted bagels. Warm milkshakes.
Dairylea cheese crackers and 
vegetable sticks. Raisins.  
Toasted Tuna Muffins. Frubes.
Buttered or Marmite Crumpets. Fresh Fruit.
Pizza muffins. Fresh fruit.
Sardines on toast. Frubes. 
Toasted crumpets
Warm milkshakes.
Soup and warm
bread rolls.
Sandwiches (please see below) Milkshake.
Soup and warm bread rolls.
Hot cross buns. Half a banana.
Pizza slices 

Fresh fruit.
Hot cross buns

Warm milkshake.
Dairylea cheese crackers and 
vegetable sticks. Fresh fruit.
Buttered malt loaf. Frubes.
Sandwiches. (please see below) Fresh Fruit.

*Sandwiches, Wraps and Pitta Breads will be a selection each time but also varied between these:

Roast ChickenJamCheeseTurkey
SalmonMarmiteCheese, cucumber and tomatoTurkey and cucumber
TunaMarmite and cucumberCheese and pickleHam
Tuna and cucumber or sweetcornCheese spreadCheese and HamEgg

*Please note that nursery tea is not a substantial meal, parents/ carers are advised to provide an evening family meal* 
* Vegetarian option is available. Meat will be substituted for quorn or marmite

Food and nutrition


Our menu has been devised by a nutritionist and aim to provide fresh balanced meals to all children at each meal or snack time. Fresh water is available to the children at all times and no squash is served. Mid-morning snack is fresh fruit or homemade biscuits. Lunch is always a balanced hot meal which is prepared from scratch each day from fresh ingredients by our experienced nursery cook. Mid-afternoon snacks are again fresh and balanced and are designed to encourage all the children to try new foods together. Our kitchen, cook and food have been awarded with an excellent through the Safe2eat scheme by Basingstoke and Deane. Please see the website for more information on our excellent award.