Our Curriculum




The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is introduced throughout the nursery. The EYFS has long, medium and short term goals. These goals are in place for children to achieve throughout their time at nursery and will follow them on to school. Weekly planning is a key element in the curriculum for each room. To help the staff to achieve the best planning we have regular communication with parents on their children’s interests and hobbies. These are then used to plan future activities. We also observe the children on a daily basis to help them achieve their full potential. There are seven main areas of learning:  

- ​Communication and Language
- Personal, Social and Emotional development
- Physical Development
- Literacy 
- Mathematics
- Understanding the World
- Expressive Arts and Design 

​Activities and play opportunities are freely available to support these areas of learning. Nursery staff encourage the children to be confident, independent and develop self-esteem. We aim to help children to learn what is right and wrong. Children are given the opportunity to be active indoors and out, as well as having time to relax and a little sleep. Alphabet City staff are trained under the new curriculum of the EYFS. The Manager and nursery staff design and oversee the curriculum for all age groups. From the baby units through to the pre-school rooms, the Nursery is committed to ensuring all our children go on to school secure, confident and happy, with their educational fundamentals firmly in place.